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    Surgery to Improve the LabiaLabiaplasty

    Women today are feeling a sense of empowerment and ownership when it comes to their body’s appearance and this includes the aesthetics and function of even their most intimate and private parts.  The labia are the two sets of folded skin that are present in the outside middle of the vagina that fold over the vulva and the size of labia minora (the inner lips around the vaginal opening) varies greatly from woman-to-woman.  Enlarged labia minora are found in a significant portion of the female population and although not always a health concern, it may be an issue of functionality or appearances making a woman feel self-conscious in the bedroom or how they look when they wear tight clothing.  For some, extreme discomfort can occur during intercourse from an enlarged labia as well as pain while partaking in certain physical activities such as bicycling or horseback riding.

    Labiaplasty is a plastic surgery procedure offered by Dr. Paul McCluskey at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta created to produce a more uniform appearance to the outward female genitals by reducing an oversized labia minora known in medical terms as “labial hypertrophy”.  Because there is a significant variation in visible tissue in the flattened folds of skin or inner “lips” surrounding the entrance to the vagina, it cannot be said that there is a “normal” amount of the labia minora for any woman making the decision extremely personal.  Labiaplasty is a routine procedure successfully chosen by thousands of women each year that treats a large labia as well as an asymmetrical labia producing dramatic results that are considered truly amazing.  The procedure involves reshaping or reducing the size of the labia and the surgery is a permanent solution for women who want to achieve genitalia attractiveness.

    Evaluation for Labiaplasty

    A woman’s labium becomes enlarged over time for several reasons that may include childbirth, injury, or disease.  Candidates who choose labiaplasty may do so for functional or aesthetic reasons, or a combination of the two and the procedure is frequently performed to reduce the size of one or both sets of labia.   Some women chose to have a labiaplasty to enhance their sexual experience by removing some of the skin that covers the clitoris.   Other women chose to shorten the labia due to discomfort and irritation, which can be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated and the procedure can also make personal hygiene easier to maintain.

    Many factors contribute to sexual femininity and none is more important than feminine genitalia.  If labial hypertrophy is a problem for you, during your consultation at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta Dr. McCluskey will help you decide whether labiaplasty may be an appropriate solution.  During your meeting, Dr. McCluskey will evaluate you thoroughly to determine your individual needs and desired outcome and he will take the time necessary to ensure that you make an educated and informed decision.

    The Labiaplasty Procedure

    A labiaplasty is an outpatient procedure generally performed using sleeping sedation or a combination of anesthesia and local injections and the basic techniques for labiaplasty differ based on a patient’s needs and other determining factors.  Labiaplasty involves surgically trimming the labial tissue with special care being taken to remove only enough excess to retain adequate laxity of stretchable tissue before re-approximating it in a cosmetic fashion to allow for smaller, but still natural appearing labia.  The incisions are very well concealed and closed with absorbable sutures that will not need to be removed and the entire procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the extent of the repairs needed.

    Labiaplasty Recovery

    At The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, you can be assured that every consideration will be taken to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible during your entire experience and following your labiaplasty you can expect swelling, bruising, and minor discomfort, which can be controlled with medication.  Ice bags, loose clothing, and adsorbent pads are helpful and sitting for long periods of time and moving around may be uncomfortable for the first few days.  Most patients are able to resume activities within a couple of weeks although the healing tissues are delicate and you will be instructed not to insert anything into your vagina for at least six weeks or engage in any sports or exercise activities that would stretch or put pressure on the vaginal area.

    Your Labiaplasty

    Undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgery is one of the most personal and private decisions you will ever make and Dr. McCluskey is committed to helping women create better lives for themselves through vaginal cosmetic surgery.  Many patients who worried about their predicament and put off having surgery for years wished they had chosen to have a labiaplasty procedure performed sooner.  If you feel this or any other vaginal cosmetic procedure may be right for you, please call The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta today.



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