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    Anterior vaginal wall repair treatment addresses the issues caused due to vaginal prolapse. When this happens, the urethra or the bladder, that is responsible for passing out urine from the body, falls down to the vagina. By undergoing an anterior vaginal wall repair treatment, the front walls of the vagina can be tightened. The soft tissues and muscles which are tightened by the surgery, help in keeping the bladder at its normal position.

    The main reason for a vaginal prolapse is weakening of the vaginal as well as pelvic muscles and tissues. The problem is usually faced by women who have undergone hysterectomy. Backache, pelvic heaviness and incontinence are some of the symptoms of the condition. In some cases, women may even notice a bulge near the vaginal canal that can restrict their movement and make it difficult for them to stand.

    Some of the top reasons that cause vaginal prolapse are chronic cough, strained bowel movements, obesity, vaginal delivery, pregnancy and participation in heavy lifting

    What happens during anterior vaginal wall repair ?

    You will be given general anesthesia before the surgery so that you do not experience any pain. In case you are given a spinal anesthetic, in spite of being awake you will not feel any pain as your body below the waist will become numb.

    The surgery is done by creating an incision in the abdomen or the vagina. The incision will help the surgeon in repositioning the bladder or urethra back to its normal place. Surgical stitches may be required to hold the organs between the bladder and vagina. Additional vaginal tissue may also be removed to effectively tighten the ligaments as well as muscles in the area.

    Recovering from the surgery

    You will be required to stay in the hospital for a few  days after the surgery. As your bladder will have gone through a lot of strain during the surgery, you will need to use a catheter to pass urine for a day or two. Your diet will also have to be changed post-surgery. Once you feel that you can start urinating normally, you will be allowed to continue with your regular diet.

    Other vaginal surgeries that can be done

    Though anterior vaginal wall repair treatment is done mostly for medical purposes, there are some options available to women who wish to enhance the appearance of their vagina. Vaginoplasty is done to tighten a loose vagina, which might have started sagging due to aging or childbirth. Labiaplasty is another popular plastic surgery which is performed on the labia. Labiaplasty can also be performed along with vaginoplasty. If you feel that the ‘lips’ surrounding your vagina are small, big or asymmetrical, you can go for labiaplasty.

    Many women are also opting for vaginal rejuvenation, which allows them to shape their vagina as per their requirement. As these surgeries are quite complex, it is very essential to get them done by a well-known and trusted doctor like Dr. Paul McCluskey, operating in Atlanta, Ga.

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