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    What is Hymenoplasty? | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | Roswell LabiaplastyHymenoplasty is one of the more sought-after procedures for women performed by a cosmetic surgeon today. If the hymen gets torn or ruptured due to reasons other than intercourse, a woman may choose to have her hymen reconstructed. Even otherwise, some women wish to restore their hymen for cosmetic, cultural, or personal reasons.

    A plastic surgeon with dedicated expertise in the field of sexual aesthetic procedures can perform hymenoplasty with safe and successful results. The surgeon will be sensitive to the patient’s needs and keep her information completely confidential, recognizing the discreet nature of such a procedure. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a committed plastic surgeon providing hymenoplasty to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities.

    Need for Hymenoplasty

    Religious or Cultural Needs

    Having an intact hymen is a desirable requirement in some religions and cultures. Such women may prefer that their hymen should tear only during sexual activity after marriage.

    Psychological or Emotional Needs

    If the hymen has been torn following a severe injury, sexual assault or abuse, a woman may choose to undergo hymenoplasty with a cosmetic surgeon. This may help to support her physically and emotionally and heal the mind and body.


    Some women may like to restore their hymen before marrying a second partner. In such cases, hymenoplasty should be performed at least six weeks prior to the day of wedding.

    Surgical Procedure

    Hymen reconstruction surgery will involve the surgical repair of a ruptured or torn hymen. The surgeon will usually perform this procedure with the patient under local anesthesia and mild sedation. In exceptional situations, general anesthesia may be used, particularly where hymenoplasty is performed in conjunction with another sexual anesthetic procedure such as vaginal rejuvenation.

    The procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis, and the surgeon may recommend a surgery center or a private surgical suite to perform the surgery. Following anesthesia, the surgeon will place very small incisions to excise the torn edges of the hymen. Thereafter, the hymen will be stitched back together delicately using very fine sutures. In most cases, dissolvable sutures may be applied to perform hymenoplasty.

    The entire procedure will usually be completed in about 30 minutes or less. After the surgery, there will be no apparent scarring. The hymen will appear intact and natural. Patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive hymenoplasty from dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey.


    Recovery is fairly uncomplicated in most cases after hymenoplasty. The patient may experience some spotting for the first two to three days along with mild discomfort. The discomfort can be easily managed with the pain medications prescribed by the surgeon. The patient can return home the same day after the surgery, but in the first week she should take sufficient rest.

    It is critically important to protect the hymen after the surgery until the healing is completed. Full healing could take about four to six weeks. During this phase, the patient should refrain from sexual activity, and avoid wearing tampons or tight underwear.

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