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    Labia Minora Reduction SurgeryLabia Minora Reduction Surgery

    In recent years, a growing number of women have been inclined to seek surgical procedures to enhance their sexual aesthetics. One of the more sought after procedures performed by cosmetic surgeons with expertise in sexual aesthetic techniques, is labia minora reduction surgery. Labia minora is a clinical name of the inner vaginal lips. If the labia minora loses shape or elasticity due to aging, heredity or other factors, it can be corrected surgically.

    The surgeon will determine a customized surgical plan depending on the patient’s unique aesthetic needs. Labia minora reduction procedure may be performed alone or in combination with other vaginal rejuvenation techniques. Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey is a recognized expert in sexual aesthetic procedures, providing treatment to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.



    If the labia minora is sagging, has become elongated or lost its shape in other ways, and it bothers the woman physically or emotionally, she may be a suitable candidate for labia minora reduction. The cosmetic surgeon will also consider whether the woman’s sexual satisfaction is hampered in any way due to this condition.

    Sometimes an enlarged labia minora may make it cumbersome for a woman to maintain personal hygiene, causing irritation in the vaginal area. A small percentage of women also complain of discomfort during sexual intercourse due to a poorly shaped labia minora. Such women may also make fine candidates for labia minora reduction surgery.



    Labia minora reduction is usually performed under local anesthesia. The plastic surgeon will place a covering screen over the abdomen to keep the area sterile, and will also sterilize the genital area to minimize the risk of infection. The procedure can be performed with traditional or laser surgery. The surgeon will remove the excess tissue from the labia minora, guided by the markings that would be placed prior to the procedure.

    An experienced surgeon will be able to perform the procedure very precisely to ensure no damage occurs to the surrounding healthy tissue. Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will close the incision with sutures. The treated area will be clean before the sterile drape is removed. The patient may be able to see the results of the surgery at this point. Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for labia minora and various other procedures of the body, breast, and face.

    Labia minora reduction may sometimes be a part of a more comprehensive vaginal rejuvenation procedure that also includes the correction of labia majora. In addition to surgery, vaginal rejuvenation may also sometimes involve the use of dermal fillers or fat injections, depending on the specific aesthetic needs of a patient.



    Labia minora reduction may involve a downtime of about a week, but full recovery will occur gradually as the bruising and swelling is eliminated over several weeks. Sexual activity should be avoided for about a month or as per the surgeon’s advice. Post-op hygiene in the treated area is vital to mitigate the risk of infection.

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