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    Dr. Paul McCluskey, the founder of The Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA, is a trained and experienced plastic surgeon providing a range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. In addition to the typical cosmetic surgeries, Dr. McCluskey also specializes in sexual aesthetic procedures for women, including labiaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty repair surgery.

    These procedures are designed to improve and repair the physical condition of the female genital area to help patients achieve enhanced appearance of the private parts and feel more satisfied with their body. In an age of women empowerment, Dr. McCluskey believes these procedures to improve the aesthetics as well as function of intimate parts are essential to help a patient derive higher satisfaction levels from her vaginal rejuvenation and intimate appearance.

    What is Labiaplasty?

    Dr. McCluskey provides labiaplasty as a cosmetic as well as corrective surgery in Atlanta, GA to achieve a more uniform appearance of the external female genitals. The surgery involves reducing the size of the labia minora. It is clinically difficult to determine how much of the visible tissue at the entrance of the vagina can be termed as “excessive.” It depends on the personal needs of a patient and how she perceives her physical appearance of the private parts, and her desire for vaginal rejuvenation.

    The popularity of labiaplasty as an elective surgery has grown over the years, and now thousands of patients each year choose this procedure to treat the condition of large labia or asymmetrical labia. The treatment involves reducing the size of the labia or reshaping the labia. The results are long-lasting and with a skilled plastic surgeon it is possible to achieve enhanced genitalia appearance as per the patient’s expectations.

    Why Choose Labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty or labiaplasty repair may become necessary due to several reasons such as aging, pregnancy, disease, or injury. The treatment may be required for aesthetic or function reasons, or sometimes both. In some cases, a patient may need the surgery to improve her sexual experience by removing a part of the skin that covers the clitoris.

    If a patient suffers from discomfort and irritation due to large labia, it is possible to improve the condition with this surgery. Personal hygiene can also improve following this procedure. Feminine genitalia is one of the most essential factors that contributes to sexual femininity. Dr. McCluskey in Atlanta, GA is an expert plastic surgeon for labiaplasty, labiaplasty repair, and vaginal rejuvenation.


    Labiaplasty is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under IV sedation or anesthesia. The surgery involves trimming of the excess labial tissue, while retaining sufficient tissue with laxity and stretch for a natural appearance and satisfying sexual experience. The excess tissue is removed with the help of tiny incisions.

    The surgical excision through well concealed incisions may be followed by additional repairs. The incisions are finally closed with absorbable sutures. The entire procedure may take anywhere between one and two hours, depending on the extent of vaginal rejuvenation required.


    Mild bruising, swelling, and pain is experienced by most patients following labiaplasty. Dr. McCluskey at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, GA prescribes pain relieving medications for a few days to ensure patient comfort. Movement may be slightly uncomfortable for the first few days.

    Loose fitting clothes, absorbent pads and ice bags can help manage the discomfort. Regular physical activity can be resumed usually within two weeks, but strenuous exercises should be avoided until the healing is complete. Any external insertions in the vagina should be avoided for at least six weeks.

    Labiaplasty Repair

    Labiaplasty repair is usually required if the earlier labiaplasty surgery has failed to achieve the desired goals. It is important to allow the previous surgery to heal completely, which may take at least five months before a repair or revision surgery can be performed. Sometimes the patient may be anxious to correct the condition in a hurry, or the surgeon may make a mistake of operating too soon, which can cause more complications. The procedure of revision surgery must be performed only by an experienced plastic surgeon with focused expertise in this area.

    If more than require tissue is removed from the labia, it can be difficult to achieve the ideal results or achieve best possible vaginal rejuvenation as desired. Restoration labiaplasty or labiaplasty revision surgery can range widely in terms of duration of the procedure. This will depend on the extent of vaginal deformity and the amount of reconstruction required. Sometimes the procedure may last for as little as an hour, while in severe cases of a failed labiaplasty, the revision surgery may take as many as four to five hours.

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