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What does the Scar look like after Labiaplasty? | Atlanta | BuckheadPlacing an incision on the body as part of any surgery will cause some scarring. However, labial scarring tends to be minimally visible as the incisions are tiny, the tissue is thin with a good supply of blood, and labia already have a naturally “wrinkled” look before the surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labiaplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities.


Scarring after Labiaplasty

The goal of the labiaplasty surgery is to provide a natural appearance such that even the patient’s OB/GYN may not realize they have had surgery. But if the patient undergoes the edge-trim technique, it may involve the placement of a scar along the entire leading edge of the labia minora which can feel tender as the nerves regenerate.

In general, surgeons recommend a wedge type labia minora reduction which only rarely leads to pain in the long-run.

After labiaplasty, any painful scar is usually managed over time, and the pain will likely resolve over a period of three to six months. The surgeon will advise the patient to avoid stressing the repair and wait for eight to ten weeks following the surgery to have sex or use tampons or anything else that may be inserted into the vagina.

In case a painful scar remains after five to six months, the patient may require touch-up surgery to enhance the outcomes of an edge-trim type labiaplasty. This may involve the conversion of an edge-trim to a wedge type labiaplasty to a wedge type labiaplasty or developing skin flaps from the skin of the lateral clitoral hood to restore a more natural looking labia minora border.

However, scar revision or corrective surgery is rarely required after a wedge type labiaplasty.

The patient should ideally allow scars to mature for at least six months after the wound completely closes prior to rushing into additional surgery. At times, gentle massage or “desensitization exercises” can reduce scar-related pain.

As it is not “normal” to have pain six to eight weeks after labiaplasty (a majority of patients report that the pain or discomfort resolves within a few weeks of surgery), she should speak to her cosmetic surgeon if the pain persists.


Post-Op Self-Care Advice

The patient can minimize the risk of infection to maintain hygiene. Early healing will minimize the risk of scarring. The objective should be to heal well and not sustain an injury or cause re-opening of the sutures. Furthermore, it will also help mitigate scarring.

Taking brief walks every few hours helps prevent post-op blood clots in the veins. The patient should avoid walking for long durations, sitting, and working aggressively for a minimum of one month after the surgery to minimize pressure on the operative area and to enhance adhesion of the epithelial flaps.

Activities such as lifting heavy weights, straining, or running may put a strain on the perineum leading to wound breakdown. The patient should resume driving only after the pain reduces to the extent of not requiring medication to control it. Simultaneously, they should avoid sitting astride objects such as cycling or horse riding.

Smoking causes slow healing, and the patient should avoid it for at least eight weeks. It also leads to a higher risk of developing scars because of poor healing.

If the patient has mild fever initially, the doctor may manage it with an antipyretic medication such as acetaminophen.

The patient should also consume a high-fiber diet to avoid constipation which may lead to pain in the wound area. In addition, the patient should have plenty of fruits, vegetables, and water.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for labiaplasty.
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Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Tips to Speed up the Healing Process after Labiaplasty | AtlantaLabiaplasty is a leading procedure to reduce the size and shape of the folds surrounding the vulva. Following the surgery, it is vital to follow post-op care guidelines to speed up the process of healing.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labiaplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


Keep Incisions Dry

Keeping the incisions dry is a crucial element of recovery after labiaplasty. This helps decrease the possibility of infection and reduces any inflammation within the area. The patient may use a cloth or wet wipe to dry the site during the recovery. They should also place dry dressings over the incisions throughout the week of the recovery.


Inspect Incisions for Signs of Infection

It is essential for the patient to be proactive in assessing themselves for signs of infection to maintain optimal hygiene following labiaplasty. Signs of infection include inflammation, redness, and significant pain in the region. In case the patient experiences these symptoms, they should immediately contact their health care professional.


Avoid Excessive Rubbing or Washing

The patient may feel like rubbing the area of removing dried blood or other elements after the surgery. However, they should refrain from this as it can cause further damage to the skin.

In the week after the labiaplasty, the patient should gently wash the skin in the area and avoid wearing tight underwear to prevent rubbing.


Get Sufficient Rest

Following the labiaplasty surgery, patients will remain at the surgery center for a few hours to recover before being sent home. After they have left, they should plan to take plenty of rest for the initial one or two days.

Patients should place a pillow beneath their buttocks to help reduce the inflammation and sleep flat on their back for the initial week. The patient should arrange for a friend or family member to assist them around the house for the initial 24 hours.


Take All Medicine as Instructed

It is essential to take all the prescribed meds as instructed by the surgeon. We will prescribe patients a three-day antibiotic course, and medications for pain and nausea should be taken on a need basis.

A yeast infection can be a potential side effect of the prescribed antibiotics. Therefore, the surgeon will prescribe Diflucan. The patient should take it if they develop a yeast infection during recovery.

The patient should record the date and time when meds are to be taken to avoid missing a dose or accidentally taking a higher dose than recommended.


Resume Normal Activities at an Appropriate Time

Patients may resume work after a few days following the procedure as long as their work does not involve physical labor. They should not drive for three days to two weeks unless they stop taking narcotic pain meds. On top of this, they cannot use tampons for six to eight weeks.

The patient should not undertake vigorous activities such as swimming, dancing, and running for around six to eight weeks following the surgery. Moreover, the patient should not have sexual intercourse for the initial six to eight weeks.


Be in Touch with Your Surgeon

The patient should remain in regular contact with their specialist to ensure that their recovery is proceeding normally. The surgeon can answer any of her questions and determine if she is healing well.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for labiaplasty.
For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

How long does Swelling and Itching last after Labiaplasty? | AtlantaLabiaplasty is a surgery that involves the removal of drooping, overhanging inner vaginal lips (labia minora).

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), labiaplasty has been increasingly gaining popularity over the last few years. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labiaplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities.


Post-Operative Swelling and Itching

In the initial recovery period, patients commonly experience inflammation and itching. The swelling generally peaks at two to three days after the surgery and then slowly resolves over the following weeks.

Itching is common after labiaplasty in the initial one to two weeks while the area is healing. It is essential for the patient to consult their surgeon when the itching is persistent. This could indicate a yeast or bacterial infection, or it could signal an allergic response to a medication.  

The initial pain, swelling, and itching should resolve rapidly after one week.


At the End of the Initial Week

The inflammation should improve at this time, and the pain should be lessened. The patient should use ointments and pain medications as instructed by the surgeon.

The cosmetic surgeon will probably taper the pain meds at this time. The patient should continue to clean the site after using the restroom. It is normal to experience some itching around the stitches. They will likely have a post-op appointment during this time or in the following one or two days.


At the End of Two Weeks

At the end of two weeks, the most challenging phase of the labiaplasty will be over for the patient. The trimmed labia majora and labia minora will become recognizable again as the inflammation lessens.

Despite the procedure taking place only on the patient’s labia minora, the labia majora become swollen as well. The pain should have reduced majorly at this point, and the patient is ready to become more active. However, it is important to exercise caution. Returning to certain activities prematurely can undo the hard work and progress the patient has made thus far.

It is vital to remember that the area is still healing even though the patient may be feeling great. At this juncture, the patient is almost halfway through the six-week recovery period.



The patient should avoid sexual activity and vigorous exercises during the early recovery phase. Daily short walks are essential for recovery. While mild activities that do not put a strain on the labia are acceptable, the patient should obtain clearance from their surgeon.

It is a good idea to continue to take arnica and bromelain supplements if the surgeon permits these for the patient. Arnica and bromelain are herbal supplements that can decrease the swelling and itching.

The labia may not appear completely normal. The tenderness may still exist and exacerbate when the area is under pressure. This occurrence is normal as well.

But the patient will not need pain pills any longer if the surgeon had prescribed these earlier. In case the patient still requires this degree of pain control, they should consult their surgeon to ensure that there is no infection in the site.

In case the surgeon places dissolvable sutures, they should have started to disappear. Certain stitches will remain, and the patient may be able to feel them. Itching in the incision areas will be normal by now. It is still vital for the patient to maintain good hygiene.


What to do in Case of Delayed Healing

At times, there may be a tiny opening along the incision line. This is known as delayed wound healing. The patient should make sure to inform their surgeon if this occurs.

They will likely treat this condition with some antibiotics and ointment. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for labiaplasty.
For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Labiaplasty: Boosting Your Confidence in Yoga Pants | Atlanta SurgeryAccording to the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery, women are increasingly seeking cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance the appearance of their genital area. In recent years, the request for labiaplasty has increased by 48 percent in the US.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labiplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


Comfort in Wearing Tight Fitting Clothes

Women who are unhappy with the appearance of their labia may consider labiaplasty to look more attractive and comfortable in athletic wear such as yoga pants.

Yoga pants are quite form fitting. The tight fit of spandex pants can certainly accentuate large or distended vaginal lips. This may cause the patient to feel self-conscious, and at times, lead to physical chafing as well as discomfort during physical activities as well.

Another factor influencing the increasing demand for labiaplasty surgery is grooming trends. Waxing techniques that are popular today, such as the Brazilian bikini wax, can leave the vaginal region visibly exposed. This can accentuate the shape and size of the labia.

These issues can cause even women who were previously not self-conscious about their labial area to feel embarrassed by the length, shape, and size of their vaginal lips.


Common Difficulties with Enlarged Labia

Some common complaints from women with elongated or enlarged labia minora are as follows:

  • Challenging to wear swimwear or athletic wear
  • Pain during sexual activity
  • Discomfort while exercising
  • Self-consciousness about their appearance

Regardless of whether an oversized labia appearance occurs due to stretching during childbirth, genetic reasons, or hormonal fluctuations, any woman is a candidate for labiaplasty plastic surgery.

This proven surgical procedure can effectively remove excess and/or uneven labial tissue from the vaginal lips. The patient undergoes the procedure in-office under local anesthesia.

Patients undergoing the procedure do not feel any pain. In fact, women are usually relaxed, talking to the doctor, watching a movie, or reading. The recovery time is minimal as well.


Improved Aesthetics with Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty surgery improves the appearance of the labia. This may include the labia majora (outer vaginal lips) or the labia minora (inner vaginal lips), or both. Labia refer to the ‘lips’ around the vagina. The objective of the surgery is to make the labia smaller and to enhance the symmetry between the inner and outer labia.

Certain experts believe that tightening the vaginal tissue surgically may create an increment in sexual response. However, there is limited scientific evidence to support this claim.


Labiaplasty Procedure

A surgeon will perform the labiaplasty by simply trimming the excess tissue to enable the lips of the labia minora to remain properly tucked within the outer vaginal lips (labia majora).

The procedure can be carried out under local or general anesthesia. The recovery period is usually brief and uncomplicated. The patient will typically require pain meds, but only for a few days after the surgery.



Many plastic surgeons now use the term vaginoplasty to encompass an array of cosmetic procedures, such as vaginal tightening, labiaplasty, and labiaplasty repair.

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the female genitals have a wide range of natural appearance. In anatomical terms, all of these appearances are acceptable.

Clinically, there is no particular way in which a labia or vagina can look ‘right’ in its appearance. However, an expert surgeon can individualize the labial shape and size to meet the patient’s unique aesthetic requirements.

Today, a number of surgeons also use laser technology to perform labiaplasty. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for labiaplasty.

For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Wedge labiaplasty is a special technique to perform labiaplasty cosmetic surgery. The surgeon will carefully determine the patient’s candidacy for this procedure, and explain its benefits and limitations to her at the time of initial consultation.

Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides wedge labiaplasty surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.

How does it Work?

The central wedge resection aims to eliminate a V-shaped tissue portion with the tip pointing towards the labial edge, from the most protuberant part of the labium which is being removed. This procedure is performed on both the sides.

This cosmetic surgery technique has evolved over time and now allows for a more aesthetic closure or wound contracture. Furthermore, it offers an enhanced shape to the clitoral hood with a shorter healing period and fewer risks of complications.  The technique involves excising a wedge of tissue with partial thickness from the most abundant part of the labia.

Risks and Benefits

The central wedge procedure uses a resection pattern which helps preserve the natural “wrinkled” edge (rugosity) of the labia minora. On the other hand, a full-thickness resection has an inherent risk of possible damage to vital labial nerves which can cause painful numbness or neuromas.

The risk of complications reduces with a partial-thickness elimination of mucosa and skin which leaves the submucosa intact.

The advantage of central wedge resection is that an extended wedge can be elevated upwards near the prepuce to address a prominent clitoral hood without the need for another incision. This offers the patient a natural contour and avoids incision placement in the vicinity of the very sensitive clitoris.

However, patients should know that central wedge resection is a relatively more complex surgical technique. The surgeon must appropriately judge the right amount of labial skin to resect. A wrong decision could lead to under-correction or over-correction.

It will also increase the chances of surgical wound separation. Therefore, the key is to choose an experienced surgeon for this procedure.

Surgical Procedure

The patient is typically made to sleep using general anesthesia for this procedure to prevent any physical and psychological afflictions from the surgery. However, the surgeon can also perform this procedure under local anesthesia. The wedge lines are different on the inner and outer labial surfaces.

Following the wedge marking, the surgeon resects it and removes the marked part of the lateral hood using the same vertical external incision. To correct a longer hood, the surgeon may place a horizontal incision across the skin of the clitoris.

This procedure has multiple variants to enable clitoral repositioning if needed. The reasoning behind a combined excision of these two sites is that they are a part of the same unit.

The surgeon removes the marked skin, but they will carefully remove only the correct amount of subcutaneous tissue that will give the labia the desired size after recovery. This area requires an appropriate amount of tissue to promote adequate circulation and enable the scar to seal firmly. The surgeon cannot be too aggressive in excising the labial tissue as it is crucial to preserve the peripheral sensation in the vagina.

Following wedge removal, the incision closure is carried out under magnification in multiple layers. Dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for wedge labiaplasty.

For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Does insurance cover labiaplasty?

tummy tuck plastic surgery cosmetic surgeonLabiaplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure that can reshape the inner vaginal lips. It may be a medical necessity when large or irregular labia minora lead to frequent infections as well as issues with urination or feminine hygiene.

In such cases, the surgeon’s office may assist the patient with regard to their insurance coverage for the procedure.

According to figures released by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, there has been a 100.7 percent rise in the number of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries performed on women in the US between the years 2008 and 2009. In regards to these procedures, labiaplasty is one of the most sought-after surgeries.

Dependable plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labiaplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other towns and suburbs in the glorious state of Georgia.

Possibility of Insurance Coverage

Women with uneven and substantial labia minora, which is known medically as labial hypertrophy, can offer their inner vaginal lips a sleeker, more youthful appearance through labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty balances and/or reduces the size of the vulva’s inner lips or external female genitals. The labia minora will not extend outside the outer vaginal lips following a labiaplasty.

As per the experts, similar to any cosmetic surgery, labiaplasty may also receive insurance coverage when it is considered a medical necessity and not an aesthetic procedure. Whether or not a patient’s labiaplasty surgery will be covered by insurance also depends on the policy terms.

Labial hypertrophy is believed to be a medical condition when it leads to irritation and recurrent infections. In such cases, the surgeon’s staff writes letters as well as submits documents to the patient’s insurance company to help her receive insurance coverage for the labiaplasty.

Medical Problems

Several women with large or irregular labia may be suffering from the following conditions:

  • Painful sex as well as feelings of self-consciousness in intimate relationships
  • Persistent moisture, irritation, chafing and recurrent infections
  • Embarrassment and uneasiness when wearing tight-fitting clothes or a swimsuit

Women facing such problems should consider labiaplasty surgery and discuss the possibility of insurance coverage for the procedure with their insurer.

How to Get Insurance Coverage?

Step 1

A woman considering labiaplasty should assess the insurance policy terms to understand what it covers and does not cover. The patient has a better chance of receiving insurance coverage if they require a labiaplasty for medical reasons. For example, labiaplasty may improve a woman’s ability to have kids and relieve serious discomfort.

Step 2

The patient can have their surgeon write to the insurance provider stating the reasons why they need labiaplasty. The labia may become loose with age, sex or even childbirth. This sagging skin can make it uncomfortable to engage in sex and can be a hygiene issue. Patients should consult their plastic surgeon to understand why a labiaplasty surgery may be necessary.

Step 3

Patients should ask their surgeons whether they feel that insurance coverage for a labiaplasty surgery is a possibility and whether their surgeon believes that they can get approval for it.

Step 4

Patients should understand why they were rejected for insurance coverage for this surgery. If they feel that their need is valid, they can appeal the decision of the insurer.

Dedicated plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas across the Georgian landscape for labiaplasty.

For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Genital Rejuvenation Surgery

uMKPJ92bjJGCegVrs1FLxgO_Ey3BWzjVty2m3LpjSjcFemale genital rejuvenation is a growing area in cosmetic surgery with more women seeking these procedures every year. Dr. Paul McCluskey is an expert surgeon in this area, providing state of the art sexual aesthetic procedures for women.

Patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other neighborhoods and cities in the magnificent Empire State of the South have an opportunity to receive genital rejuvenation surgery from experienced plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey.


Dr. McCluskey offers labiaplasty surgery to create a more uniform look of the outward female genitals. In this surgery, he will reduce an oversized labia minora to create a more youthful and attractive appearance. Dr. McCluskey will recommend labiaplasty to the appropriate candidates who had significant tissue laxity in the inner lips surrounding the vaginal entrance.

The decision to choose labiaplasty is very personal and Dr. McCluskey will help the patient make the best choice. Thousands of women choose this surgery every year to correct enlarged labia or asymmetrical labia and restore their desired sexual aesthetic appearance. Labiaplasty creates permanent results by reducing and reshaping the labia.

Labiaplasty cosmetic surgery procedure involves surgical trimming of the loose labial tissue. The surgeon will perform the procedure with high precision to ensure that only enough excess tissue is removed in order to retain sufficient laxity of stretchable tissue. With a carefully balanced approach, the surgeon can create smaller and natural looking labia.

Labiaplasty Repair

If the patient’s primary labiaplasty procedure has gone wrong with some other surgeon, she may receive labiaplasty repair surgery from Dr. McCluskey. Revision procedures typically require higher surgical skills because the surgeon has limited tissue available for modification and previous incisions and scarring may also have to be improved.

The honorable and innovative Dr. McCluskey will choose the appropriate surgical technique according to the nature and extent of the deformity arising from primary labia reduction surgery. He will reconstruct the labia to restore a natural looking and pleasing appearance. He will modify the tissues without disrupting the blood supply in this delicate area.

The length of labiaplasty repair procedure can depend on the extent of vaginal deformity that needs to be reconstructed. The procedure may take anywhere from one hour to five hours, depending on the complexity of correction involved.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Women with abnormalities in the vaginal opening may be good candidates for vaginal rejuvenation surgery. The procedure is designed to improve the strength, function and tone of the vaginal muscles. It involves tightening of both the external and internal vaginal diameter. The perineal area gets a renewed strength, which enhances female sexual gratification. Restoring the youthful vaginal and vulvar structures helps a woman to regain her personal confidence about her body.

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery can be performed using different surgical techniques, depending on the patient’s unique anatomical and personal aesthetic needs. The procedure may be completed in one to two hours, depending on whether both anterior and posterior muscles (vaginal walls) need to be corrected.

Focused and steady plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey of Plastic Surgery Institute receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other communities and cities in this region of the nation for female genital rejuvenation surgery.

For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Serving patients in and around Atlanta, Buckhead,  Roswell, Marietta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Choosing The Best Labiaplasty Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust | AtlantaIn recent years, a growing number of women have been choosing intimate aesthetic procedures such as labiaplasty. While the procedure can do wonders for their sexual aesthetics and personal confidence, it is vital to choose a skilled cosmetic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing such procedures.

The vaginal area is very delicate, and a skilled surgeon can ensure that the natural tissue sensitivity does not get compromised while the sexual aesthetics are enhanced with labiaplasty.

Marvelous and astute plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey regularly performs sexual aesthetic procedures. He provides labiaplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations in The Empire State of the South.


Customized Procedure

Dr. McCluskey will customize the labiaplasty procedure according to the unique anatomical and aesthetic needs of the patient. He may recommend surgery for the labia minora, labia majora or both, depending on the condition of the tissue. To minimize patient discomfort during the procedure, experienced cosmetic surgeon Dr. McCluskey will usually place the patient under sleep sedation or a combination of anesthesia and local injections.

He will delicately trim the labial tissue to create a more youthful shape, while maintain the natural appearance of the labia. Dr. McCluskey will place the incisions discreetly so that any scarring remains concealed and healing is easier. He will typically complete the labiaplasty procedure in about one to two hours, depending on the extent of surgery required.


Post-operative Instructions

In Dr. McCluskey’s experience, most patients will have some discomfort and swelling immediately after labiaplasty. He will provide detailed post-operative instructions to ensure the tissue heals safely. His recommendation to the patients is not to insert anything into the vagina or engage in any such activities that would place the vagina under pressure for at least six weeks.

The golden and dependable Dr. McCluskey and his team are accessible to the patient throughout the recovery phase to guide and help them if any concerns arise regarding tissue healing.


Privacy and Confidentiality

The committed and cordial Dr. McCluskey closely understands the basic concerns a woman may have about the aesthetics of her private parts. He and his team are committed to providing complete privacy and confidentiality to the patients for labiaplasty. Dr. McCluskey offers personalized care and attention to every patient, and his team ensures that the patient feels completely comfortable in a friendly and compassionate treatment environment at his practice.


Professional Credentials

Dr. Paul McCluskey offers comprehensive aesthetic and reconstructive surgery services, including procedures for the face, nose, breast and body. He will use cutting surgical techniques and technology along with his advanced surgical skills to achieve safe and predictable outcomes in a procedure such as a labiaplasty. Dr. McCluskey obtained his medical degree from the University of Mississippi and completed an internship in Anesthesiology.

He followed it with a five year residency in general surgery, and then pursued a plastic surgery residency at the prestigious University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Here he received the opportunity to train with top leaders and innovators in the field of cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery.

Accomplished and profound plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and other cities and neighborhoods in the magnificent state of Georgia for labiaplasty.

For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

Atlanta Labiaplasty Surgeon | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | RoswellIn recent years, labiaplasty has emerged as one of the sought-after procedures by women who want to enhance their sexual aesthetic appearance. The procedure may appear minor on the surface, but it involves delicate nuances to create deeply desirable results. Therefore, patients should choose a cosmetic surgeon with skill and experience in labiaplasty and other sexual aesthetic surgeries.

Dr. Paul McCluskey, the founder of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, has been performing cutting edge sexual aesthetic procedures for several years.

Dr. McCluskey is one of the few plastic surgeons who have carved a niche for themselves in the area of sexual aesthetic surgery. Patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding locations have an opportunity to receive labiaplasty from Dr. McCluskey.


Professional Credentials

Dr. McCluskey completed a five-year residency in general surgery, published research in reconstructive surgeries, and presented his findings at national conferences. He followed this up with a residency in plastic surgery from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, where he won multiple “Resident of the Year” awards.

As a fully trained, judicious, and golden cosmetic surgeon, Dr. McCluskey has also authored several peer-reviewed journal articles on a range of topics related to cosmetic surgery. Over the years, he has acquired expertise to perform sexual aesthetic procedures such as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty and other vaginal rejuvenation procedures.


Personalized and Compassionate Approach

Undergoing a sexual aesthetics procedure such as labiaplasty is a personal journey for a woman. To achieve total satisfaction throughout the treatment process, she should select a surgeon who is dedicated to improving the lives of women through sexual enhancement procedures, and has a professional and compassionate approach.

Dr. McCluskey ensures that every patient receives personalized care and attention at his office for labiaplasty and other procedures. Every decision at his practice is made with the patient’s needs at the center of the decision. This is one of the reasons why many women trust Dr. McCluskey to help them safely and effective improve their self image.

Dr. McCluskey and his team are driven by the singular goal of achieve total patient satisfaction in every procedure. They are committed using cutting edge surgical techniques and technology in order to deliver the best outcomes to their patients in a less invasive and more effective manner.



In case of surgical reshaping of labia minor or labia majora or both, each patient will have a unique sexual anatomy and specific personal cosmetic needs and aspirations. Some patients may wish to get rid of the discomfort associated with poorly shaped labia, while others may want to achieve cosmetic enhancement through labiaplasty.

In some cases, Dr. McCluskey may recommend labiaplasty in conjunction with another surgical or non-surgical sexual aesthetic procedure to achieve the patient’s goals. In all situations, Dr. McCluskey will incorporate the patient’s goals and her unique anatomical condition to create a customized labiaplasty surgical plan. He will never adopt a one size fits all or a cookie cutter approach to surgery.

Dedicated and astute plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and nearby areas for labiaplasty.

For more information on procedures and treatments offered by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Paul McCluskey and the Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, visit:

About Labia Reduction Surgery | Atlanta Plastic Surgery | RoswellIn recent years, labia reduction has emerged as a sought-after procedure among women who seek vaginal rejuvenation. It is important to choose the right cosmetic surgeon with dedicated expertise in the area of sexual aesthetics.

The candidate should ask relevant questions during the pre-op consultation to understand whether labia reduction is an appropriate surgery for her, and whether the surgeon is the right one for her.  

The patient should visit the surgeon’s website as well as gather additional information about labia reduction in advance. This will place her in a better position to have a productive consultation. She should feel free to clarify all doubts and concerns in order to make a well-considered choice. Judicious and accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labia reduction surgery to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding communities.


Checklist of Questions

The patient should ideally prepare a checklist of questions in advance and carry it to the office of the cosmetic surgeon for the initial labia reduction consultation. The following questions may serve as a guide for a new patient:

  • Do you have specific qualifications and training in the field of cosmetic surgery?
  • How many years of training and experience do you have in the field of cosmetic surgery?
  • Have you performed labia reduction and other vaginal rejuvenation procedures in the past, and what is your success rate?
  • Which surgical venue would you recommend to perform my labia reduction surgery?
  • Is the surgical facility licensed and accredited?
  • Can labia reduction be performed in an office-based surgical facility?
  • Do you have an affiliation with one of the local hospitals?
  • Will I make a suitable candidate for labia reduction?
  • What kind of vaginal rejuvenation outcomes can be expected in my case?
  • Will I have to make any special preparation in advance for the surgery?
  • How is the labia reduction surgery performed?
  • What will be the size and location of the incisions?
  • Will the surgery leave conspicuous scarring?
  • How painful and long will be the recovery after the procedure, and will I require help during that period?
  • When can I return to my workplace following the surgery?
  • When can I resume my normal sexual activity after the surgery?
  • Are there any potential risks and complications associated with labia reduction?
  • How do you handle complications, and how can I access you in case of an emergency?
  • How will the sexual stimulation and sensation be impacted by this surgery?
  • How will my vaginal tissue appear once the healing is completed?
  • Will a future pregnancy affect the results of my labia reduction procedure?
  • Will you perform a revision procedure in case the results of my surgery are not in line with what we agreed upon?
  • Can I review labia reduction before and after images of your previous patients?
  • What will be the estimated cost of the surgery, including pre- and post-operative expenses?

Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and other cities in this part of the state for labia reduction surgery.

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