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    Labia Minora Reduction Plastic Surgery – Types, Cost, Recovery, & Risks

    Labia minora refers to the inner lips of the vagina. Due to aging, genetics, or other factors, the labia minora may lose its shape, become elongated, or its elasticity may reduce. This may make a woman dissatisfied with her sexual aesthetics, and in a few cases, may even impact her sexual feeling or desire. A cosmetic surgeon may recommend labia minor reduction surgery to address this problem.

    Labia minora surgery may be performed in isolation or in conjunction with labia majora surgery or other vaginal rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Paul McCluskey is a leading plastic surgeon specializing in sexual aesthetic procedures. Dr. McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, GA and other areas.

    Who is a Candidate?

    Women who are unhappy with the enlarged or misshaped labia minora because of aesthetic reasons, or because they feel it may hamper their sexual life in some way, may consider labia minora procedure with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

    In some cases, the woman may feel uncomfortable with an enlarged labia minora, if makes it difficult for her to maintain personal hygiene, resulting in irritation in the region. A small percentage of women may also report discomfort during sexual activity due to an elongated labia minora. In all such cases, the labia minora plastic surgery can resolve the problem.

    Surgical Procedure

    Once the surgical plan has been finalized in close consultation with the patient, the plastic surgeon will begin the procedure by placing a covering screen over the abdomen to improve sterility in the area, and also sterilize the genital area with an antiseptic solution. A local anesthetic will be applied to the targeted areas to ensure patient comfort during the surgery.

    The surgeon may perform the procedure using traditional surgical approach or with laser technique. The excess tissue from the labia minora will be excised on the basis of the colored markings that would be placed prior to the surgery. An experienced surgeon will ensure that the laser or traditional surgery is performed in a highly precise manner, and the surrounding healthy tissue remains unaffected.

    Following the procedure, the incisions will be carefully sutured. The treated area will be cleaned prior to removing the sterile drape. At this point, the patient may be able to view the results of the surgery. Dr. McCluskey provides labia minora plastic surgery and various other procedures to patients in Atlanta, GA and nearby locations.

    Related Costs

    The overall cost of labia minora plastic surgery may range from $4,000 to $7,000, including the costs of anesthesia, operating room charges, and surgeon’s fees. The cost can vary between two patients and two practices due to several factors, such as the complexity of surgery, the experience and reputation of the surgeon, and geographical location of the practice.

    Recovery and Risks

    Most patients will be able to return to their regular routine or go to work in about one to two weeks. Full recovery can take a few months, depending on the extent of surgery performed. Post-op risks are mitigated if the patient follows the surgeon’s instructions carefully. Hygiene in the treated area must be maintained to minimize the risk of infection.

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