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    2014 Trends in Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgeons | Atlanta | Marietta GAPlastic surgery in the past decade has taken the word by storm and is rapidly changing the realms of possibility around our bodies and our idea of aging. With newer and fresher procedures, technologies and scientific advancements – plastic surgery is a movement that is enabling people to feel healthier, look younger and more beautiful.

    American Society of Plastic Surgeons publishes statistics that chart the trends relating to various procedures over the years. The year of 2014 has also seen some interesting growth in the popularity of many procedures as they continue to become more effective, with lesser downtime and with more precision.

    Some of the most popular procedures in the U.S. have been Breast Augmentation, Facelift, Eyelid Surgery and Liposuction. Breast Augmentation has gone up a whopping 35% since the year 2000. More and more people are trusting the experts to mold and sculpt them into the kind of shape or look that they have always desired but have not been able to attain. There are many options that are offered today including breast reduction/augmentation, rhinoplasty, hair transplants and pectoral implants – these procedures being equally popular among both men and women – with more women opting for them.

    Advancements in science is making it possible to melt stubborn fat, reduce crowlines and wrinkles off your eyes and face, give you an hourglass figure and fix any facial or bodily feature fixed. A high success rate has resulted in the ever burgeoning demand in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction as well has seen a 5% rise since 2013 – this procedure consistently remains one of the most in demand with more and more people fighting issues with obesity and weight. Other popular procedures like eyelid surgery and nose reconstruction have gone down a percent since last year but yet remain the most popular procedures among patients.

    About Dr. Paul McCluskey

    Dr. Paul McCluskey is an eminent member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and is well known for his expertise in various plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures with a long list of happy and satisfied customers over the years. With a wide range of experience – he is a well-known figure in Atlanta specializing in cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive cosmetic surgery as well including Botox, Laser Hair Removal, Hair Implants among other – these too are rising greatly in popularity due to the fact that they are non-invasive, have very little downtime, are usually scar-less, painless and with long-lasting effects.

    Modern science had made many options available to us in order to achieve the fittest and best version of ourselves with the many procedures that plastic and cosmetic surgery has to offer. If you have been considering a procedure or would like to figure out the best options for you, contact an expert to solve your doubts and answer your questions before you finally decide. Dr Paul is a trusted name and specialist in Cosmetic Surgery and ensures that patients are fully informed and sure before they go in for their chosen surgery.

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