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    What Is The Difference Between Vaginal Tightening And Labiaplasty?

    Vaginal tightening and labiaplasty are popular among women after childbirth. Vaginal rejuvenation may also be performed on women that have experienced weakened vaginal muscles as they age or because of hormonal changes. The procedure can help restore the vagina if

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    Types Of Aesthetic Genital Plastic Surgery

    Female cosmetic genital surgery is among the fastest growing plastic surgery subspecialities for adult women. It includes techniques that enhances the aesthetic appearance of the vaginal region or vulva. It also includes making vaginal repairs for restoring or enhancing sexual

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    Designer Vagina Surgery

    What is a Designer Vagina? Celebrities have time and again reminded us that vagina and vulva are not off-limits to cosmetic treatments. Everyone from Sharon Osborne (with her vaginal tightening procedure) to the Kardashian sisters about getting laser vaginal rejuvenation

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    Vulvovaginal Plastic Surgery

    Vulvovaginal  Vulvo-vaginal surgery involves reconstructive and cosmetic procedures performed for reshaping and/or tightening the vaginal muscles. The procedure can be performed for a number of reasons. Women may choose to get it done because they feel uncomfortable with the appearance

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    Female Genital Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery Female genital plastic surgery is a broad term used for both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty among other related procedures. Vaginoplasty is aimed at tightening the vagina. This is when the vagina becomes loose or slack because of aging or

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    Clitoral Reconstructive Surgery

    Clitoral Surgery A number of international cultures practice Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). However, there are several problems associated with this procedure. Women may experience: Urinary tract infections, painful urination, and other urinary problems Itching, discharge, bacterial vaginosis, and other vaginal

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    Sexual Function Disorders

    Sexual Function Disorders Labiaplasty and other sexual aesthetic procedures can help improve sexual function and sexual desire in women. Many women choose to get a labiaplasty performed if they are uncomfortable with the shape, size, and asymmetry of their labia.

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    G-spot Amplification

    G-spot Enhancement G-spot or the Gräfenbergspot called after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg is an erogenous zone within the vagina. It may lead to powerful orgasms, strong sexual arousals, and female ejaculation when stimulated. Typically, the G-spot is reported to

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    Hymenoplasty Surgery

    Hymenoplasty The hymen is a type of membrane or tissue covering the vaginal opening partially. The appearance and shape of the hymen varies among women. However, it is generally in a half moon shape located at the bottom of the

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    Clitoral Hood Reduction

    Clitoral Reduction Clitoral hood reduction, clitoral unhooding, clitoridotomy, or clitoral hoodectomy is a cosmetic procedure performed for reducing prepuce or excessive skin covering the clitoris. The technique enhances the visual appearance of the pubic area in a woman. It also

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