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    Cosmetic Surgery for Female Genitals

    Cosmetic Surgery for Female GenitalsCosmetic Surgery for Female Genitals

    Though not often talked about, a woman’s vagina is not only associated with a healthy sexual function, but also for self-esteem and confidence. If she is unsatisfied with any aspect of her genitalia, it can be the reason for an unhappy love life and loss of sexual desire. Cosmetic surgery for female genitalia can be a blessing for those who are looking for rejuvenation or repair of the vagina for a more confident and fulfilled sexual experience and love life.

    Types of surgeries

    If you are looking for a reprieve to this potentially embarrassing problem, then considering surgery may be the answer that you need. There are various types of surgeries available to fit your every requirement.

    Labiaplasty is a focused corrective procedure for the labia. This is mostly a reduction surgery  to reduce the protrusion of the labia minora. This is not only meant for an overall better aesthetic, but also to improve your chances of sexual gratification as reduction helps in better access to areas responsive to stimulation. This is a very common problem with a simple surgical solution.

    Vaginal rejuvenation is also a popular procedure helpful in providing you with all you need to put the passion back in your love life. This short surgical procedure is much more effective in comparison to  the Kegel exercises. Loosening of the vagina is a common problem that is not shared or talked about as it is considered embarrassing; however the problems associated with it are very real. This surgery removes the excess vaginal tissue and restores its original shape and tightness, ensuring a satisfactory sexual life.

    Labiaplasty Repair is a corrective surgery that you can opt for if you are dissatisfied with the results of a previous surgery or would like to redo or undo some of the effects of the previous surgery in the least invasive way possible.


    Dr Paul McClusky, a certified plastic surgeon practicing in Atlanta, GA has years of experience in genital cosmetic surgery procedures. He feels that the importance of post-surgical care cannot be stressed enough. Having a caregiver with you for the first few weeks after surgery can be helpful.

    Some amount of bruising or swelling is normal and expected for a few days after the surgery. There might be minimal discomfort in the groin area that is most noticeable after the day of the surgery but can last for about two weeks. With Vaginal rejuvenation it is highly advisable to keep the area irrigated often, which means to wash the area with water often. Patients are advised to refrain from any kind of sexual activity for at least 6 weeks and to keep in regular touch with their specialist doctor.

    Taking the decision for this kind of surgery is a huge one that needs to be well thought out. It is important to find a comfort level with a competent doctor and ask all queries and doubts that can help you to make an informed choice. You are required to be above eighteen years of age to consider this surgery. Considering genital cosmetic surgery can be one of the most life altering decisions that you can take for a better relationship with your significant other and also with yourself. Whether your reasons are sexual, hygienic or cosmetic genital cosmetic surgery could be the step you need to take for a more confident, satisfied and younger you.

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