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    What to Expect – Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty Surgery

    Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are procedures aimed at achieving vaginal rejuvenation or performing labiaplasty repair depending on the patient’s needs. A growing number of women are seeking these procedures in the U.S. today to enhance their sexual aesthetics. Dr. Paul McCluskey is an experienced plastic surgeon providing these procedures to patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas.

    What is Vaginoplasty?

    Vaginoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure designed to vaginal muscle and tissue that have become loose or slack due to aging, childbirth or other factors. The procedure can help improve vaginal rejuvenation in accordance with the patient’s sexual aesthetic goals. Patients should note that surgical tightening of the slackened vaginal tissue can enhance sexual appeal, but it is no guarantee for improved sexual pleasure or response.

    While some patients report an increase in sexual arousal and satisfaction, but there is no scientific data available to corroborate such feedback. During the initial consultation, Dr. McCluskey explains to his patients in and around Atlanta, GA about what the procedure can or cannot do for them.

    What is Labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty or labiaplasty repair are plastic surgery procedures that involve surgical treatment on the labia, which refers to the ‘lips’ surrounding the vagina. This procedure may be performed on the labia major, which refers to the larger, external vaginal lips, or the labia minor, which are the smaller, internal vaginal lips. Labiaplasty is aimed at correcting the shape or size of the labia, or creating better symmetry between the vaginal lips.

    Patients typically request the size of the labia to be reduced as a part of this procedure. In some cases, labiaplasty may be performed in conjunction with vaginoplasty for more comprehensive outcomes.

    Vaginal Rejuvenation

    In recent years, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures have been included as cosmetic surgeries promoted as vaginal rejuvenation or ‘designer vagina’ procedures. The plastic surgeon may customize the procedure to match with the personal aesthetic goals of the patient. The procedures are not only helpful in enhancing sexual aesthetic appearance, but also in improving the self-confidence and self-esteem of the patient.

    Experienced plastic surgeons who perform vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures are of the opinion that a broad range of vaginal appearances can be grouped in the ‘normal’ range, as far as the anatomical perspective is concerned. However, each patient may have their own perception regarding the aesthetic appearance of the vagina or labia formation. Some surgeons may employ laser technologies along with traditional surgery to achieve more effective outcomes for these procedures.

    Types of Vaginal Rejuvenation

    “Revirgination” is a unique vaginal rejuvenation surgery. It involves repair of the hymen to mimic its original virginal condition, which existed before the woman became sexually active. Another procedure that is gaining popularity is known as “clitoral unhooding.” This involves removal of the tissue that naturally covers the clitoris.

    Another vaginal rejuvenation procedure is called the “G-spot Amplification.” G-spot indicates the front wall of the vagina, which is widely believed to be an erotic spot or a site for sensitive stimulation for female arousal and orgasm. G-spot amplification involves the injecting of collagen into the area to enhance pleasure.

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