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    What are Some Tips to Speed up the Healing Process after Labiaplasty Surgery?

    What are Some Tips to Speed up the Healing Process after Labiaplasty Surgery?Labiaplasty is a leading procedure to reduce the size and shape of the folds surrounding the vulva. Following the surgery, it is vital to follow post-op care guidelines to speed up the process of healing.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides labiaplasty to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding locations.


    Keep Incisions Dry

    Keeping the incisions dry is a crucial element of recovery after labiaplasty. This helps decrease the possibility of infection and reduces any inflammation within the area. The patient may use a cloth or wet wipe to dry the site during the recovery. They should also place dry dressings over the incisions throughout the week of the recovery.


    Inspect Incisions for Signs of Infection

    It is essential for the patient to be proactive in assessing themselves for signs of infection to maintain optimal hygiene following labiaplasty. Signs of infection include inflammation, redness, and significant pain in the region. In case the patient experiences these symptoms, they should immediately contact their health care professional.


    Avoid Excessive Rubbing or Washing

    The patient may feel like rubbing the area of removing dried blood or other elements after the surgery. However, they should refrain from this as it can cause further damage to the skin.

    In the week after the labiaplasty, the patient should gently wash the skin in the area and avoid wearing tight underwear to prevent rubbing.


    Get Sufficient Rest

    Following the labiaplasty surgery, patients will remain at the surgery center for a few hours to recover before being sent home. After they have left, they should plan to take plenty of rest for the initial one or two days.

    Patients should place a pillow beneath their buttocks to help reduce the inflammation and sleep flat on their back for the initial week. The patient should arrange for a friend or family member to assist them around the house for the initial 24 hours.


    Take All Medicine as Instructed

    It is essential to take all the prescribed meds as instructed by the surgeon. We will prescribe patients a three-day antibiotic course, and medications for pain and nausea should be taken on a need basis.

    A yeast infection can be a potential side effect of the prescribed antibiotics. Therefore, the surgeon will prescribe Diflucan. The patient should take it if they develop a yeast infection during recovery.

    The patient should record the date and time when meds are to be taken to avoid missing a dose or accidentally taking a higher dose than recommended.


    Resume Normal Activities at an Appropriate Time

    Patients may resume work after a few days following the procedure as long as their work does not involve physical labor. They should not drive for three days to two weeks unless they stop taking narcotic pain meds. On top of this, they cannot use tampons for six to eight weeks.

    The patient should not undertake vigorous activities such as swimming, dancing, and running for around six to eight weeks following the surgery. Moreover, the patient should not have sexual intercourse for the initial six to eight weeks.


    Be in Touch with Your Surgeon

    The patient should remain in regular contact with their specialist to ensure that their recovery is proceeding normally. The surgeon can answer any of her questions and determine if she is healing well.

    Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for labiaplasty.
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