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    G-spot Amplification

    G-spot Enhancement

    G-spot AmplificationG-spot or the Gräfenbergspot called after the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg is an erogenous zone within the vagina. It may lead to powerful orgasms, strong sexual arousals, and female ejaculation when stimulated. Typically, the G-spot is reported to be 2 – 3 inches or 5 – 8 cm up the front of the vaginal wall (anterior). It is a sensitive area located between the urethra and the vaginal opening, which may be part of the female prostate.

    It is possible to enhance the G-spot for increased sexual satisfaction using minimally invasive techniques. Plastic Surgery Institute of Atlanta, led by plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey, provides safe and proven G-spot amplification procedures to patients in Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and surrounding communities.

    Benefits of G-spot Amplification

    The Gräfenbergspot can be temporarily enlarged or enhanced in a nonsurgical and minimally invasive procedure. G-shot, G-spot augmentation or G-spot amplification is intended to increase sexual pleasure temporarily in sexually active women with regular sexual function. The procedure focuses on increasing the sensitivity and size of the G-spot.

    The procedure is performed by locating the G-spot and taking measurements for future reference. The area is numbed with local anesthetic and human-engineered collagen is directly injected in the area where the G-spot is believed to be located. The injection is delivered under the mucosa.

    G-spot Amplification Procedure

    The patient is placed into a pap smear position with their buttocks slightly raised. Your doctor will carry out a brief pelvic exam to locate the G-spot. Measurements would be taken and marked as per your instructions. The measurements are then transferred to a special speculum and ruler.

    The tagged speculum is next placed inside the vagina. Local anesthesia is delivered using a small sterile needle. Collagen fiber is injected in the area once the G-spot is numbed. A tampon would be inserted which needs to be kept for 4 hours. The procedure doesn’t take more than 10 – 20 minutes. The injection time may take less than 8 seconds.

    FAQs Regarding G-spot Amplification

    Am I a suitable candidate for the procedure?

    You should be physically and mentally healthy to undertake G-spot augmentation. The procedure is recommended if you want to heighten your sexual pleasure after years of normal experience. G-spot amplification can be useful in increasing the intensity of orgasms.

    Does the procedure hurt?

    G-spot amplification is almost painless. The best part is that it doesn’t involve any downtime.

    Are the effects of G-spot augmentation permanent?

    The results generally last for four months. However, this can vary among women.

    Does the G-shot procedure impact periods in any way?

    The procedure doesn’t affect periods.

    Will I be able to use tampons?

    The procedure doesn’t have any bearing on the usage of tampons.

    Preparing Patients Before G-spot Amplification

    G-spot augmentation is best performed in women that are familiar with the location of their G-spot before undergoing the procedure. In case the patient is unaware of the location, the physician will help the patient identify this particular anatomy.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Marietta, Georgia, and nearby areas for innovative and advanced G-spot enhancement procedures.

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