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    Different Kinds of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeries

    Different Kinds of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgeries – Atlanta

    Different Kinds of Vaginal Cosmetic SurgeriesWomen are very conscious about the way they look. Try telling them that their eyeliner is smudged and they will instantly run towards the mirror to fix it right away. This also indicates the kind of consciousness they might be having for their private parts. That is why you can see increasing number of women not just going for cosmetic surgeries that enhance their skin or face but also their breasts. So how could the vagina stay behind?

    What is labiaplasty?

    Labiaplasty is the plastic surgery performed on the labia, which are the lips that surround the vagina. This surgery can either be performed on the labia major or labia minor. The former are the outer, larger vaginal lips while the latter refers to the smaller, inner ones. This surgery changes the shape or size of labia which helps in correcting their symmetry or making them smaller.

    Labiaplasty involves trimming of the labial tissue surgically. Care needs to be taken to ensure that only the excess part is removed. The incisions are then concealed and the whole procedure can take around one or two hours.

    About vaginal rejuvenation

    Vaginoplasty, on the other hand, is a procedure which tightens the vagina which might have turned loose or slack due to aging or childbirth. Also known as ‘vaginal rejuvenation’, this procedure is rebuilds the muscles of the vagina and tightness them by removing extra vaginal lining. Most women opt for these methods for either aesthetic reasons or for increasing their level of sexual pleasure. But there are also women who undergo these surgeries to get rid of discomfort caused by large labia.

    However, there have been cases when these vaginal surgeries have gone wrong. Fixing them requires the patient to undergo labiaplasty repair. Dr. Paul McCluskey, who founded The Plastic Surgery Institute based in Atlanta, says that it is very important for vaginal surgeries to be performed by professionals to reduce the chances of complications and repair surgeries.

    Undergoing labiaplasty repair

    A labiaplasty repair surgery requires the patient to wait for a minimum of five months before opting for the surgery. This is to ensure that the healing process is not disturbed. During the healing process, new bold supply is restored. This surgery also depends on the level and extent of deformity caused by the previous operation. It can take anywhere around one hour to five hours to complete the surgery, based on the complications.

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