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    What is a “designer vagina”? 

    What is a “designer vagina”? Labiaplasty plastic surgery

    Sexual aesthetic enhancement has gained wider acceptance in recent years, especially with celebrities sharing their positive experiences with procedures to enhance their vulva and vagina appearance. From Sharon Osborne describing her successful vaginal tightening procedure to the Kardashian sisters’ sharing their laser vaginal rejuvenation experience, popular figures have added more credibility to these cosmetic treatments.  

    One of the most sought-after sexual aesthetic surgery procedures in recent years has been labiaplasty, popularly known as “designer vagina” surgery. From 2013 to 2018, there has been a jump of over 53 percent in the number of women seeking labiaplasty. Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey provides designer vagina surgery to patients in Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and surrounding communities.  

    An Overview of Designer Vagina Surgery 

    Designer vagina surgery, clinically known as labiaplasty, is primarily as a cosmetic procedure, but it could also provide functional benefits in many cases. Your plastic surgeon will alter the size and shape of the inner vaginal lips or labia minora with this surgery. However, depending on your needs, a designer vagina procedure could also include changes to the shape of the outer vaginal lips or labia majora.  

    If the loose or hanging labial tissue has been bothering you for cosmetic or functional reasons (causing hindrance in your sexual activity or physical exercises), your cosmetic surgeon will trim the labia and eliminate excess tissue to create a desirable and comfortable vaginal appearance. Unlike vaginoplasty, a designer vagina surgery will not tighten the vaginal canal. 

    Designer vagina procedure is relatively simpler and will only involve shortening of the excess labial tissue, which can cause aesthetic as well as functional concerns. Laser vaginal rejuvenation may also be a part of your designer vagina procedure to create more comprehensive results. The laser treatment will stimulate the inner lining (mucosa) of your vagina to improve tissue volume, tightness, and reduce dryness.  

    Need for a Designer Vagina Surgery  

    Women increasingly choose a designer vagina or labiaplasty surgery for the following reasons:  

    • Dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appearance of the labia: This is the leading reason for many women to a designer vagina surgery. They may feel embarrassed about their labia appearance, particularly during sexual activity. Hanging lower of the labia minora can be completely natural and normal, but for many women it does not meet the aesthetic standards they are looking for.  
    • Physical discomfort caused by the elongated labia: For some patients, having longer or larger labia could result in functional problems. The vagina may produce excess moisture, or the woman may feel uncomfortable wearing a thong or underwear or performing certain activities such as bike riding.  
    • Discomfort or pain during sex: Sexual pleasure and satisfaction may be compromised if the labia tissue is misshaped or oversized. It could even get in the way of intercourse, creating a potentially painful or uncomfortable experience for the woman. Simply by reducing the labia tissue size, it is possible improve sexual function in many women.  

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul McCluskey receives patients from Atlanta, Buckhead, Georgia, and nearby areas for designer vagina surgery. 

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